Find out how to increase your sales with technology

We have been living in a period of accelerated transformations in retail. An important one is the ability to deliver customers their products, regardless of the channel they purchased it. Increasingly connected clients will demand that their favorite brands also offer differentiated digital experiences.

Numerous consumers have experienced many digital innovations lately, such as purchases through WhatsApp and many social networks, products delivery applications and, of course, the great growth of e-commerce.

At the forefront of unique experiences, there is a widespread concept known as the new frontier of customers experiences, called Omnichannel. Basically, it allows clients different shopping experiences, based on knowledge of product availability, whether in stores or distribution centers. Buy online and pick up at the store, make a reservation of a product at the closest store, check the availability of the last item at the preferred location, and so on are some examples of the new experiences offered by retailers.

Welcome to the era of digital transformation, where stock, brands and customers will be increasingly Omni.


Some time ago, we heard about Omnichannel experience to customers. However, what many businesses did not expect was the necessity to increase the speed of future processes and projects still today.

There has been a great acceleration in digitalization projects and the accurate placement of stocks is at the center of the entire logistical processes involved.

Omnichannel initiatives without stock accuracy create efficiency loss, and mainly, dissatisfaction in customers.

The adoption of RFID technology allows the digitalization of stocks at levels of accuracy greater than 99%, something unthinkable with barcode technology.


Through constant automated inventories in stores, retailers start to increase accuracy of their stocks, from the current of 70% to 99% levels. This means a complete change in the retailer’s ability to understand their stock and offer the best customer service.

This stock accuracy becomes the basic infrastructure for all other possible experiences, inside the omnichannel concept. Activities such as expedition, receipts, transfers, conferences, search for products and inventories are carried out more quickly, with the elimination of errors by human intervention and consequently, less costs. The identification of discrepancies, errors, or thefts drastically reduces losses and speeds up decision making.

Additionally, stockouts in the sales floor are eliminated or reduced due constant replacement, with great potential for increasing sales.

During times when the search for products in retail is mostly online, it is known that the arrangement of stocks in the different channels that RFID technology provides, is fundamental for sales performance.

Is that you? Do you know how to digitize your stocks and provide a better experience to your customers?

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