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In 2012, Beontag RFID was established to offer RFID solutions as a division of the Beontag. As an innovative manufacturer of RFID products, we have the capacity to meet market volumes, utilizing stat-of-the-art equipment. We can also provide customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Our factory is located in Campo Mourão, Paraná, Brazil.  Our headquarters is in Sao Paulo and we have a sales office in Houston, Texas.


Striving for quality and differentiating everything it offers to the RFID market, Beontag RFID maintains a team dedicated exclusively to the creation of products and new technologies to properly meets the specific demands of customers.


The Beontag started in 2011 with the merger of two large companies with over 35 years of experience: Colacril, the largest Brazilian self-adhesive industry with a strong presence in Latin America, and RR Etiquetas, the largest national converter of self-adhesive labels for retail, industry and services. That same year, the Beontag became part of a Private Equity fund. In 2012 a new business unit of the group was created, represented by the Beontag RFID brand, which manufactures and sells inlays, tags and equipment with RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Currently, the Beontag contributes strongly to the development of the entire sector by combining a broad product portfolio with technical competence and an efficient management model, also counting on an entrepreneurial spirit and investment capacity.


Ethics and the valuation of the human being, the commitment to results, through innovation with boldness and agility are the pillars of the Beontag RFID.

We strive to arouse enthusiasm and synergy in our professionals, disseminating the culture of valuing the work team to strengthen the motto that together we are stronger and that we can achieve our goals with respect to those involved in all spheres of the business.

We seek results in a healthy and sustainable way, in order to exceed the expectations and needs of our customers, in addition to performing our work in an agile, structured and competent manner.


At Beontag RFID, all stages of the production process take into account social and environmental aspects. This means that as important as the delivery of a high quality product for your project is the responsibility we assume with those who contribute directly and indirectly to our presence in the market. From the incentive to sustainable development projects, through actions in local communities, to the implementation of programs to reduce emissions in factories, there are plenty of good examples of our attention to socio-environmental responsibility.


"The organization permanently seeks the stability of processes and products, through performance indicators, which guide our path and give us direction for the progress of our processes of continuous improvement, quality, safety, service, environmental responsibility, social responsibility, productivity and costs. The organization's strategy is to maintain and ensure compliance with the following guidelines":

  • Promote continuous improvement in production and quality processes, through the use of performance indicators;
  • Reduce risks in carrying out operations with actions aimed at preventing accidents, willing to preserve health and physical integrity of our employees;
  • Satisfy our customers, as well as our customers' customers;
  • Meet applicable legislation and other relevant requirements;
  • Manage environmental aspects and impacts and reduce waste generated, aiming to protect the environment;
  • Promote social actions that strengthen our relationship with the community and stakeholders;
  • Manage and reduce process waste, in order to guarantee the company's economic and financial result.

"Quality, ethics and sustainable development are Beontag commitments".


Look for FSC® certified products

The dedication directed at all times to the high quality of Beontag RFID products and services is supported by important certificates. One of them is the FSC - Forest Stewardship Council®. FSC certification guarantees that the raw material comes from responsibly managed forests and that the wood is harvested legally. Aiming at the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, the company has the FSC chain of custody (CoC) certification that guarantees traceability from the origin with the production of the raw material that leaves the forests until reaching the final consumer.

Our certifier is the Rainforest Alliance, represented in Brazil by IMAFLORA (Institute of Forestry and Agricultural Management and Certification). When choosing an FSC certified product, the consumer is choosing a company that respects the environment and complies with the standards established by the applicable rules.

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ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001

Beontag RFID also has ISO certifications, which demonstrate the commitment to the quality of our products and the concern with environmental preservation. We rely on ISO 9001, for quality management programs and continuous process improvement, and ISO 14001, which defines actions to establish an effective environmental management system. Both validate the production and commercialization of paper, films and self-adhesive labels.