New white label system – RFID Tag!


Fast implementation, easy payment, and automatic reading of any vehicle.
These are the features guaranteed in CCRR RFID’s tags, developed for easier usability at toll roads, parking lots, gas station and even drive-thru cafeterias throughout cities all over Brazil.

It seems that the new trend is here to stay.
With the considerable increase in adhesions last year due to the pandemic, large companies and banks sought to improve and develop automatic payments.

CCRR RFID is proud to be part of this innovation movement, creating the tags for companies that nowadays work towards the automatization of the toll service.
The microchip inside the adhesive in a vehicle makes it possible to drive quickly and avoid lines in tolls and parking lots, eliminating the touch with cash and coins, in addition to avoiding human intervention. This trend has also gained momentum for payments at gas stations and even drive-thru cafeterias.
RFID technology is making daily activities easier and faster.

The term white label is widely used all over the world and has been incorporated into the technological sector, allowing companies, in addition to offering services, to print their brand in them.
This white label model is the major trend in the market, including the payment industry, banks, fintech companies and vehicle identification, which has come to revolutionize the way we handle money.
Today, tags service is fully integrated into the bank account or credit card in the APP of all participating financial institutions.


Roger Davanso, Application and Development Leader at CCRR RFID guarantees: “The market remains dispersed, and we can already see that many companies can offer the tag feature to their customers”.

The development of the system at a national level in Brazil, along with the growing number of subscriptions, makes it quite possible that this simplified payment service become free in the near future.
In the state of São Paulo, there is a plan already in place for those who have a tag to receive a discount in their payments.

The expectation is that this system will become even easier and faster, generating a better user experience and even more adhesions.
CCRR RFID continues to collaborate so that the technology enables innovative actions all over Brazil.