The use of RFID in the brazilian market

Get to know the businesses that already use RFID tags in retail, manufacturing and logistics operations.

In the past 10 years there has been an increase in the adoption of RFID in Brazil, boosting productivity, improving accuracy, and reducing losses among large companies across the country. Just as in the international market, the technology is gaining more and more supporters in multiple segments and transforming organizations in Brazil.

One segment that has been achieving great success with RFID technology is the apparel industry, focusing mainly on the improvement of inventory accuracy, increase in productivity of operations, reduction of losses and support of omnichannel initiatives.

Automotive, consumer durable goods, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, payment industry and toll road systems are other examples of market segments that have also expanded the adoption of RFID.

RFID provides a basic infrastructure that allows organizations to innovate, and to create different paths for digital technology projects.

CCRR RFID has been constantly bringing RFID to the most diverse markets in the country, with the unique and innovative purpose of democratizing identification, traceability, and connectivity technologies.